What Is The Benefit Of IFANCA Pakistan Halal Certification?

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July 16, 2022
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July 16, 2022

The benefits of IFANCA Pakistan Halal Certification are many and include the following:

  • IFANCA Pakistan’s expertise in reviewing the products, the ingredients, the preparation and processing, and the hygiene and sanitation procedures in strict confidentiality.
  • Implementation of IFANCA Pakistan’s documented procedure for producing halal products. The procedure is continually refined as new techniques and new ingredients are developed, and it is consistent with HACCP, ISO and other quality and safety standards.
  • Halal training for key personnel, who pass on this training to the other staff, ensuring broad-based knowledge of proper methods of handling and production.
  • Consultation on product development, marketing, and quality assurance to help roll out new products targeted to the halal consumer.
  • The IFANCA Pakistan Halal Certificate, which is accepted around the world.
  • Permission to display the IFANCA Pakistan certification logo, the Crescent M, on the halal-certified product label.
  • Listing of halal-certified products on the IFANCA Pakistan website, www.ifancahalal.pk.
  • Publication of halal-certified products, halal-certified ingredients, and companies producing them in the Halal Consumer © magazine. The magazine is published twice a year and has a circulation of 40,000.
  • Referrals to seekers of halal products or ingredients worldwide.
  • Reduced fees at the IFANCA Pakistan-sponsored Halal Food Conferences, held annually since 1999.

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