Our Services and Activities

Our Services and Activities

Halal Certification

IFANCA Pakistan provides halal supervision and certification services all over the country. Its halal certification activities include producing more than 2000 consumer and industrial products IFANCA Pakistan halal-certified products display the registered IFANCA Pakistan halal certification service marks, the Crescent-M.

Market Development –

IFANCA Pakistan assists companies in understanding the needs of different markets IFANCA Pakistan works with the food industry to develop new avenues to fulfil consumer needs.

Education and Awareness

IFANCA Pakistan offers consumer education on product selection and industry education on halal assurance systems. On the consumer side, it organizes halal information workshops, and seminars and engages consumers through social media to provide information on halal food and consumer products. On the company side, IFANCA Pakistan conducts information sessions with certified company staff to discuss halal production requirements. For the government and private institutions, IFANCA Pakistan has developed halal guidelines to enable food service organizations in Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

Product and process development

IFANCA Pakistan works with companies to incorporate halal concepts.

Accreditation, Memberships and endorsements:

IFANCA Pakistan halal certification is well recognized around all over the country.

Training: IFANCA Pakistan organizes the following training:

  • One Day training on PS 3733
    • Halal Auditor Course Three Days
    • Halal Lead Auditor Course Five Days
    • Online Training on halal as well as different food and non-food topics