May I Eat The Food Served On Airlines?

May I Eat In Fast Food Restaurants?
July 16, 2022
Category: General Halal

Airlines offer a variety of meal choices to meet passenger needs. There are low-salt meals, vegetarian meals, seafood meals and others. Some airlines even offer Muslim meals. In general, the Muslim meals are not certified by a qualified halal certifying agency. This means it is not known if the meat and other ingredients are derived from Zabiha animals and are free of pork products and alcohol. Airlines will provide certified halal meals when they see sufficient demand to justify it. Every Muslim traveler should request a halal meal and, if unavailable, the traveler should make sure the request is recorded so it can be considered by the airline in the future. Ask for a letter from the head of the food service section in response to your request for a halal meal. That way, you can be sure your request has reached the decision-maker. After registering your request, you may have to opt for the seafood or vegetarian meal. Don’t be surprised by ordering a kosher meal, only to find it has been prepared in wine.

And ALLAH, Subhanahu wa ta’ala, knows best.

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